speed racer collectors edition 11 episodes
all time kung fu cult classic
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the dvd case is specially made with real rubber with the speed racer logo.
full screen version. digitally mastered. dolby monaural audio. the speed racer files featuring production notes theme song sing along. villians gallery. interactive mach-5 control demonstrations. merchandise and more.
the worlds favorite high octane animated hero is back! roaring into action aboard his trust mach-5 it is the intrepid young race car driver who sparked an international cult phenomenon: the one and only speed racer! now for the first time ever the first eleven episodes of this classic hugely popular japanimation series are brought together in this special limited edition dvd. turbo charged with all of speed racers trademark animated thrills; offbeat humor; unforgettable characters and cliff hanger racing action; these collectible specially remastered episode are the stuff of every fans dreams. so fasten your seatbelts and join speed; girlfriend trixie; speeds 2 brothers; one mischievous monkey and an outrageous assortment of villains for one fast lane; no brakes; nonstop adventure after another! ready set go. speed racer. go!
episode 1: the great plan (part 1)
episode 2: the great plan (part 2)
episode 3: challenge of the masked racer (part 1)
episode 4: challenge of the masked racer (part 2)
episode 5: the secret engine (part 1)
episode 6: the secret engine (part 2)
episode 7: the race against the mammoth car (part 1)
episode 8: the race against the mammoth car (part 2)
episode 9: the most dangerous race (part 1)
episode 10: the most dangerous race (part 2)
episode 11: the most dangerous race (part 3)

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