Take Care Of My Cat,

Take Care Of My Cat,
Date: 2001
Parts: 3
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Take Care of My Cat (???? ??? Goyangireul Butakhae) is a 2001 South Korean coming of age film. The movie is about the lives of a group of friends ? five young women ? a year after they graduate from high school, and the changes and difficulties they face in both their friendships and the world of work. Though critically acclaimed in its native South Korea, the film’s box office returns were not so great, prompting a ‘Save the Cat’ movement involving film-industry professionals to try to increase viewership before its theatrical run would be cut short. The film went on to many international film festivals as well, where it received awards and special mentions. The film is the debut work of director Jeong Jae-eun, who would later go on to direct the 2005 film The Aggressives.

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