Tales Of Young Genji Kuro

Tales Of Young Genji Kuro, Genji Kuro Sassoki Nuregami Nitoryu

Date: 1967
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Master swordsman Genji Kuro is intrusted by the Otsubo Family to protect an antique sword know as the “”Kaen”” sword. As part of a valuable pair of swords made by a legendary sword maker, the Otsubo Family seeks to reunite it with its companion “”Suien”” sword at Mishima Shrine. However the journey to the Shrine is wrought with danger and Genji Kuro must put his skills to the test fending off a band of cunning and ruthless thieves. Nakamura Kinnosuke, Chihara Shinobu, Tashiro Yuriko, Kataoka Eijiro, Wakamizu Yoshiko

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