pedicab driver
all time kung fu cult classic
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from the action director of shaolin master killer & drunken master 2 comes the best of them all. hung goes one on one with an unprepossessing gambling boss played by lau kar-wing; the fight arranger director of a long string of kung fu classics from shaolin master killer to the chan vehicle drunken master ii. hong kong filmmaking at its inventive best and makes most any american actioni film look truly anemic in comparison. it defies the maxim that you can not make em like they used to with its simple yet toughing plot and although american actioin films hjave of late borrowed heavily from the style of hong kong directors is refreshing proof that millions of dollars and bankable stars who have non place as action movie statrs are no substitute for a solid quirky leading man like samo hung who combines charisma and true fihgting skill with an appleaing solid storyline.

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