jade claw/crystal fist
all time kung fu cult classic
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aka crystal fist. indonesian screen idol billy chong makes his film debut as a boy who witnesses the slaying of his father by phoenix eye fist expert jen: chu tiet wo. years later; billy; now a transient finds work in the kitchen of a kung fu gym and befriends an old cook. little does billy know that the cook is an old enemy of phoenix eye jen; who sends his lackeys deaf man and blind man to do his bidding. billy is seriously injured during the attack; motivating the old cook to teach him shadow eagle claw; a new technique designed to defeat jen and his lackeys. after rigorour training; billy is ready to confront the deadly phoenix eye fist. this is the best of the jackie chan cash in movies of the 70s; brillantly choreographed by the yuen brothers and the film that made billy chongan overnight martial arts sensation.

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