Sea God

Sea God, ?? (??), Hae Shin, Emperor of the Sea, God of the Sea, Jang Bogo

Date: 11 2004
Episodes: 51
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Jang Bo-go (Choi Soo Jong) was a slave from Shilla (a Korean dynasty that lasted from 57 B.C. until 935 A.D.) He was sold in China during the Tang Dynasty, where he was trained as a gladiator-slave. Through hardwork and perseverance, he made it back to Shilla and became a successful sea merchant. The sea passage at the time was plagued by pirates and Jang Bo-go went head to head with them in battles and managed to keep the pirates at bay. This epic drama tells the story of a historical figure blending it with intrigue and battle of wit to make it into a successful drama of all times. # Choi Soo Jong as Jang Bo-go # Chae Si Ra as Lady Ja Mi # Song Il Gook as Yeom Moon # Soo Ae as Jung Hwa # Chae Jung Ahn as Lady Chae Ryang # Kim Heung Soo as Jung Nyeon # Lee Yeon Hee as Child Jung Hwa # Kim Ah Joong as Ha Jin # Jung Sung Hwan as Chang Ryeom, Jung Hwa’s brother # Suh Do Young as Moo Jin (Jung-Hwa’s Bodyguard) # Baek Sung Hyun as young Jang Bo-go # Bae Soo Bin as Kim Yang

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