Queen Of The Game

Queen Of The Game, ??? ??

Genre: Romance.
Date: November 2006
Episodes: 20
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Casts: Choi Joon Yong, Choi Yoon Young, Joo Jin Mo, Kang Yi Suk, Kim Hong Pyo, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Bo Young, Nah Young Hee

Synopsis: 23 years ago, Kang Eun Seol’s father, Kang Jae Oh, stole the position of Lee Shin Jun’s father. This led to Lee Shin Jun’s father to commit suicide with his wife and son. Now 23 years later, Lee Shin Jun, also known as Chase, wants revenge and isn’t going to stop until he gets it. He makes Kang Eun Seol fall for him, so that he can get to her father. But there is a twist, Lee Shin Jun has also fallen in love with Kang Eun Seol, but Lee Shin Jun’s partner, Park Joo Won loves him too… Later Eun Seol finds out about Shin Jun’s revenge plot against her father and she decides to get revenge on him for using her..

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