Exhibition Of Fireworks

Exhibition Of Fireworks, ???? / Bool-kkot-nol-i, Fireworks

Genre: Romance.
Date: 2006
Episodes: 17
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The main character of this drama is Shin Nah-rah, a girl approaching thirty who doesn?t have a house, money, a boyfriend, a job, or anyone to support her. All she has are her brains. After living unemployed for a while and struggling to make a living she thinks about getting married because then she can at least work as a housewife. After she gets dumped by her boyfriend, who she was planning on getting married to and living together with, she goes out to find the woman who stole his heart; but while at this woman?s cosmetic company an ad for a sales clerk catches her eye. Having nothing to lose she fakes being her 20 year old little sister, a high school graduate, and starts working as a sales clerk at the company. At work she meets an immature and spoiled guy likes the woman who stole her boyfriend?s heart. The two always snarl at each other and get into disputes but this guy later turns out to be an employer who came into the company to work only because his mother is the vice president of the company; in other words he is the son of a really rich family! A love story starts to grow between the employer who knows nothing except being tough and an employee who knows a lot more than her boss throughout all their disputes and quarrels. Through a fun, exciting, and exhilarating story about a woman in her marital age getting a job to get back the man she loves we will be able to see how women in the year 2006 live through and fight to succeed in today?s society. This story about a woman who meets a man in the process and their ensuing love story goes back and forth between making you laugh and causing you to cry. * Han Chae Young as Shin Na ra / Shin Na-gyung * Kang Ji Hwan as Nah In-jae * Park Eun Hye as Chae Mi-rae * Yoon Sang Hyun as Kang Seung-woo * Park Jung Soo as Nah In Jae’s mother * Kim So Yun * Park Geun Hyung as Shin Na ra’s father * Kim Chang Sook * Kim Joo Hyun

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