Autumn Tale

Autumn Tale, ????, Gaeul Donghwa, ?????

Genre: Drama, Romance.
Date: September 2000
Episodes: 16
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Casts: Choi Woo Hyuk, Han Chae Young, Jung Dong Hwan, Kim Hae Sook, Lee Ae Jung, Moon Geun Young, Song Hye-Gyo, Song Seung Hun, Sun Woo Eun Sook, Won Bin

Synopsis: Yoon Joon-suh (Song Seung Heon) and Yoon Eun-suh (Song Hye Gyo) always thought they were siblings. Eun-suh is in fact from a different family because she was switched at birth, but no one knows about this fact until one day, when Eun-suh is in a car accident. Her blood is tested only to discover that her blood type is completely different from her brother’s proving that they are not related at all.

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