With Love,

With Love,
Genre: Romance.
Date: April 1998
Episodes: 12
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English
Casts: Asada Miyoko, Hara Sachie, Kawaoka Daijiro, Sada Marie, Shibuya Kotono, Takenouchi Yutaka

Synopsis: It all started when Takashi (Takenouchi), a talented composer who could not write a love song ever since his girlfriend Rina left him suddenly, accidentally sent an uncompleted piece of his latest work to Amane (Tanaka) via email. Deeply touched by his music, Amane wrote back to him, without getting a reply. Amane continued writing to him, pouring out her thoughts. Only when she signed as “”Teru Teru Bozu””, did Takashi responded with a mail saying “”WHO ARE YOU?””, because what Rina left him as a farewell gift was a teru teru bozu!

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