Ultraman Max

Ultraman Max, ??????????, Urutoraman Makkusu

Date: 07 2005
Episodes: 40
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Ultraman Max was a new Ultraman show which started airing on 7 July 2005, and produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.. Back to the tried and true formula of new monsters every week and being fast paced like previous series with the exception of Ultraman Nexus. Full of homages to past series by having two of the original cast members from the first Ultraman series, updated versions of classic monsters like Red King, Eleking and Pigmon among others. Ultraman Max is from Nebula M78 just like his predecessors were and is supported by DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes), a branch of the UDF (United Defense Federation). His human host name is Touma Kaito. Ultraman Max is based on Ultraseven and has two main weapons at his disposal, the Maxium Cannon fired from his left hand and the Maxium Sword which is a handheld boomerang cutter. Another Ultraman known as Ultraman Xenon appears for the first time in episode 13. While he is summoning a new weapon from the sky to use against Zetton, he is attacked by Zetton and the weapon attaches itself to Max’s right wrist. Max then uses the new weapon known as the Max Galaxy to destroy Zetton. Team DASH is stationed in a harbour and their base is called the Base Titan. They have a main airplane called the Dash Mother which releases two other small planes known as Dash Bird 1 and 2. A third plane called the Dash Bird 3 appears in episode 23. Team DASH also has a robot operator, who learns a bit about human behaviour in some episodes. Her name is Elly and she has a small ball shaped robot called Koko which makes a high pitched sound to respond to queries.

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