Ringu Saishusho

Ringu Saishusho, ???~???~, The Ring

Genre: Mystery, Suspense.
Date: 01 1999
Episodes: 12
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Four high school students died of heart attack mysteriously. A reporter from Central Newspaper, Asakawa, was determined to find out the truth. He learned that all 4 students watched a video tape 2 weeks before they died, so he obtained the tape and watched it, trying to solve the mystery. However, he did not see anything unusal in the tape, which is a music video of a popular singer. Nevertheless, another man who also watched the tape 2 weeks ago died of heart attack. Asakawa was afraid that he would die after 2 weeks, so he seeked help from Takayama Ryuji, who specialized in paranormal phenomenon and seemed to have a mysterious past. After computerized digital analysis, they found out that the video was cursed and whoever saw it only had 13 days left to live…

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