Regatta, ????, ~??????~, ~Kimi to ita Eien~

Genre: Romance, Sports.
Date: 07 2006
Episodes: 9
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Makoto is a promising oarsman at a University regatta team. One day, he loses his best friend by a tragic accident which he believes and blames himself for the very cause. Although he once leaves the team out of tremendous sense of responsibility, he finally decides to return by the encouragement of Misao (Aibu) and his teammates, and moreover, for the love and passion of regatta. He is determined than ever to become a top class oarsman and struggles to fulfill his dream to participate in the Olympics game. Through the severe practices and competitions of regatta, Makoto learns the bitterness and difficulties of life. Rivalry with teammates, agonies of love and friendship… The first ever drama of the rising actor Hayami to perform as the leading role!

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