Power Office Ladies II

Power Office Ladies II, ????, Shomuni

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 04 2000
Episodes: 13
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A ceremony for new employees is being held. But no one from Shomuni is present. Three months ago, Terasaki and Nonomura managed to transfer the members of Shomuni to other affiliated companies. Azusa Tokunaga (Keiko Toda) is now working as a caddie in a golf courseUme Maruhashi (Mai Hosho) is a shop clerk of a fast food restaurant; Kana Miyashita (Junko Sakurai) takes care of the garden of the company’s guest house; Sawako Tsukahara (Kotomi Kyono) performs for children in a stuffed animal’s costume on the roof garden of a department store; Rie Himukai (Yumiko Takahashi) works as a fortune teller at a bridal salon; Chinatsu Tsuboi (Makiko Esumi) works energetically in a fishing port. Inoue (Reo Morimoto), the helpless section chief and only man of Shomuni has been transferred to another section and decides to apply for the voluntary retirement system. He visits everyone in Shomuni prior to his retirement, and when he visited Chinatsu, he told her what’s happening at Manpo Shoji. Chinatsu then gathers all the girls and returns to Manpo Shoji….

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