Himitsu No Hanazono – The Secret Garden

Himitsu No Hanazono – The Secret Garden, ??????, Hanazono’s Secret

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 01 2007
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Tsukiyama Kayo is an editor of a fashion magazine. Contrary to the glamorous image of the fashion industry, Kayo always ends up doing work dumped on her by her younger colleagues. For the fifth year in a row, she is spending her birthday alone at the office. One day, chief editor, Kawamura Ryoko says that the fashion magazine Kayo is in charge of will be suspended. She is thus transferred to the editorial desk of a comic book for girls, a genre that she is not interested in at all. Kayo will be in charge of Hanazono Yuriko, an extremely popular manga artist. When she arrives at Hanazono Yuriko’s luxurious apartment to pick up the newest manuscript, Kayo meets Tanaka Ichiro, the veteran editor of a rival publisher. He has been working with girls’ comics for 20 years. In the backroom are two men, supposedly assistants. Out of the blue, they order Kayo to go buy a girl’s dress. They need it for the image-building of the comic’s character. As a rookie editor, Kayo is in no position to talk back. Thus, Kayo goes to town in search of the perfect dress. But when she tries a dress on, she jams the zipper. Unable to take it off, she is forced to leave the shop and walk around the city in an extravagant outfit. When Kayo finally returns to the apartment, the men order her to prepare a meal. She can’t take it any more and yells, “”I’m here to see Hanazono Yuriko!”” “”We’re Hanazono Yuriko.”” Kayo turns around to see the men who have been pushing her around. She is shocked to learn that Hanazono Yuriko is actually consists of four brothers, Wataru, Osamu, Satoshi, and Hinata. They warn Kayo to never let this secret become known. Kayo is still in shock, but right now, her priority is to get the manuscript due tomorrow morning. She begs the brothers to rush, but they say “”not tonight”” and leave the apartment. Shaku Yumiko – Tsukiyama Kayo Sakai Masato – Kataoka Wataru Ikeda Tetsuhiro – Kataoka Osamu Kaname Jun – Kataoka Satoshi Hongo Kanata – Kataoka Hinata Takizawa Saori – Minae

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