Golden Bowl

Golden Bowl, ????????

Genre: Romance, Sports.
Date: 04 2002
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Focus, concentration, proper posture and good release are the hallmarks of a good bowler. Welcome to Golden Bowl bowling alley. A bit rundown and small but no worse for wear, the Golden Bowl is stockbroker Shu Akutagawa’s favorite haunt. A regular, he likes nothing better then the rumble of the bowl running down the alley and crash and crackle of the pins tumbling down. When a beautiful, older and married neighbor – who shares the same name as his old flame Hitomi – makes an appearance at the Golden Bowl, things start to heat up as Shu teams up with her to challenge some pro bowlers. Will Shu be as lucky with Hitomi as he is with the pins?

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