Genseishin Justirisers – Phantom Star God Justirisers

Genseishin Justirisers – Phantom Star God Justirisers, ????????????, Genseishin Jasutiraiza

Date: 10 2004
Episodes: 51
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The Justirisers are three chosen humans that are granted the use of the mysterious Justi Power created by the great Noulan who sealed away Kaiser Hades long ago. Each is based on a different Chinese legend. Each one is equipped with an In-Loader that allows them to summon a high-powered suit of armour that transforms them into a Justiriser. The transformation call is “”Souchaku!”” (“”Equip!””). The In-Loader also acts as a communications device between the three Justirisers.

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