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Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 06 2006
Episodes: 11
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Akihabara is a Tokyo district full of mangas, anime, electronics, video games, figurines, etc. It is a place that gathers fanatics of such themes, people who are commonly referred to as otaku. Page, Box, Akira, Taiko, Daruma, and Izumu are six otaku each with his/her own troubles and sought relief through a website called “”Yui’s Lifeguard.”” When site owner Yui died of a mysterious death, the six – each is an expert in their own field – gathered to form “”[email protected]””, a “”trouble shooter”” group that vows to protect Akihabara and solve the problems of its inhabitants. Based on Ira Ishida’s novel. Kazama Shunsuke – Page Ikuta Toma – Box Himura Yuuki – Daruma Hoshino Gen – Taiko Matsushima Hatsune – Izumu/Izm Kosaka Yuka – Akira Honjou Manami – Yui Kitamura Kazuki – Nakagomi Takeshi Nobukawa Seijun – Maid Rui

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