Welcome To The House

Welcome To The House, ????, Kou Peng Mun Zho, Gao Peng Man Zuo

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 08 2006
Episodes: 239
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This is a comedy series which is based on a family of very interesting characters. King Sir, Chung King Fai, will be head of the household, with Cheng Dan Sui, Raymond Cho, and Shermon Tang as his sons and daughter. Christine will act as Cheng Dan Sui’s wife, with a 16 year-old daughter. * Lawrence Cheng (???) as Ko Yau Pung ??? * Christine Ng as Cheung Yu Moon ??? * Chung King Fai (???) as Ko Hing ??, Ko Bo ?? (Twins) * Lo Yuen Yan (???) as Ho Miu Kei ??? * Raymond Cho as Ko Yau Yee ??? * Johnson Lee as Cheung Yik Moon ??? * Shermon Tang as Ko Yau Ching ??? * Annie Chung (??) as Ko Wai Ting ??? * Kingdom Yuen (???) as Ko Lai ?? * Gill Mohindepaul Singh (???) as Lo Hung Lei ??? * Cheung Chi Kwong (???) as So Gun ?? * Sharon Chan as So Fa ??

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