War And Beauty

War And Beauty, ????, Gum Jee Yook Yip, Jin Zhi Yu Nie

Genre: Ancient, King.
Date: 2004
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”According to the Rites of Zhou, an emperor should have 121 concubines. This means, in addition to the empress, the emperor also has 3 consorts, 9 concubines, 27 hereditary consorts and 81 lesser wives. Not to forget, he has thousands upon thousands of untitled palace maidens. Of these concubines, however, only a tiny few had the honor of sleeping with the emperor. The imperial consorts, therefore, often plot against each other in the life-and-death struggle to win the emperor’s good graces. Consequently, a spate of tragedies took place in this female world of wealth and dignity as many of the women lived out their disconsolate lives in the recess of the imperial palace.”” -Tales of Empresses and Imperial Consorts in China”” compiled by Shang Xizhi, translated and edited by Ling Lingxing, 1996. 15th year, Jiaqing reign. Intrigue, deception and romance are daily occurrences in the palace of the Qing Emperor, Jiaqing. While the country revels in peace, there were bloody and fierce struggle behind the imposing red walls of the Forbidden Palace. Yu Yuet (Sheren) is the beloved concubine of emperor but she feared her reign will end soon. As triennial imperial concubine election approaches Yu Fei feels increasingly threatened by the three beautiful and manipulative women vying for the emperor’s affections. Among the “”Sau Nui”” are Yuk Ying (Gigi); a beautiful girl from noble background, and Yee Shun (Charmaine), who has the secret support of the powerful Eunuch Chui Man Tin (Lo Hoi Pang).

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