Twin Of Brothers

Twin Of Brothers, Tai Tong Xiong Long Jun, Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan, ?????

Genre: Ancient, Swordplay.
Date: 2004
Episodes: 42
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kau Jong and Tzi Ling are both orphens, one day, when they wre going to get themselves a martial arts lessons from the well known Sek Long. They found themselves stuck in the middle of a fight… a woman and their furture martial arts teacher!! The woman, soon revealed as Fu Guan Cheuk, told Sek Long to give the “”Cheong Sung Keut”” back to her. Refusing, Sek Long was killed by self destruction. After losing thier martial arts teacher, Kau Jong and Tzi Ling ran away from the fight scene, only to be caught in a chase. Fu Guan Cheuk caught a ride in Kau Jong and Tzi Ling’s carriage. The person chacing Fu Guan Cheuk was a man by the name of Yu Man Fat Kup and he was after the “”Cheong Sung Kuet””, as well. After Fu Guan Cheuk left Kau Jong and Tzi Ling, she left the “”Cheong Sung Kuet”” with them. When she had lost Yu Man Fat Kup, she ran after the two guys get the “”Chueng Sung Kuet”” back. After a series of struggling with the three people, Kau Jong and Tzi Ling activated the “”Cheong Sung Kuit””, and Fu Guan Chuek forced them to learn it [Cheong Sung Kiut]. * Raymond Lam as Kau Chong * Ron Ng as Tzui Tzee Ling * Tavia Yeung as Lee Sau Ling * Li Qian as Sung Yuk Chi * Leila Tong as See Fei Huan * Nancy Wu as Wan Wan * Christine Ng as Fu Guan Chek and Fu Guan Yu * Waisee Lee as Yu Man Fa Kup * Johnson Lee as Lee Sai Man

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