Triumph In The Skies

Triumph In The Skies, ????, Chong Shang Yun Xiao

Date: 2003
Episodes: 40
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Samuel and Vincent are good friends since young. They are both striving to become the first Chinese captain for Solar Airways. Vincent’s attitude towards romance is epitomized by his nickname ‘playboy’, but Samuel is determined to pursue true love. They meet a stewardess, Isabelle, and both fall in love with her. Samuel’s mum left his dad years ago, only to find out that she is pregnant with Issac. And since then she had been telling Isaac that she is his sister, not his mom. Years later, Samuel’s mom goes back to his father, and Isaac, thinking that their mom is his sister, keep thinking he is very big. At first, not even Samuel know that Isaac is his brother. Then his parents decide to tell Samuel the truth. But Isaac still don’t know. Zoe met Samuel on the aeroplane when she was suspected of having arithmetics, and was very nervous as there was a storm outside plus the plane wasn’t stable. So the air stewardess asked Samuel to go out and assure Zoe that he would land the plane safely. From then on, Zoe had a crush on him. To get closer to him, she even applied for a job at the airport. And also because she was impressed by the air stewardess’s calmness during that time. Donald, Zita, Chris are assigned to be trained in Australia as pilots. Can these 3 energetic youngsters fulfill their dreams? Isaac and Vincent already fulfiled their dreams of becoming a pilot even before Donald and all started applying for the job. * Francis Ng Jun Yu as Samuel Tong Yik Sum * Joe Ma Tak Jung as Vincent Ling Wun Chi * Flora Chan Wai San as Isabelle Lok Yi San * Myolie Wu Hang Yee as Zoe So Yee * Ron Ng Cheuk Hei as Isaac Tong Yik Fung * Sammul Chan Kin Fung as Donald Man Ho Chung * Bosco Wong Jung Jak as Chris Tse Ho Yeen * Michelle Yip Suen as Zita Tung Hei Yan

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