To Grow With Love

To Grow With Love, ????, Fei Tin Hei Si, Fei Tian Xi Shi

Genre: Romance.
Date: 10 2006
Episodes: 22
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Ho Mei Tin is an overweight daughter of a wealthy man in the Philippines. Worried about his daughter’s future, Mei Tin’s father searches for and finds what he believes to be an ideal life partner for her daughter. However, unable to feel anything for her husband-to-be, the idealistic Mei Tin runs off to Hong Kong. Life in Hong Kong is totally different from the life she left. People are more materialistic, and appearances are everything. Mei Tin’s weight makes her the object of ridicule from Tai He, the owner of the store she will eventually work in in her time in Hong Kong. Tai He is a successful designer and the owner of several chain stores selling his own design brand. A perfectionist, he feels that appearances are everything and anyone unable to take care of their own appearance cannot be trusted to take care of anything important. Quarrels and misunderstandings are the norm between the two polar opposites, and Tai He made life a living hell for Mei Tin who could only shoulder them to keep the job she needs to pay for her living expenses in Hong Kong. A strange turn of events brings the two together in the Philippines. An accident leaves Tai He with memory loss and Mei Tin, who has since returned to her father, turns out to be the one to shelter him. Still sore about her treatment at his hands in Hong Kong, she plays a prank on Tai He by convincing him that he is her boyfriend. The memory-less Tai He however, stripped of the defensive shell he placed to protect himself, begins to show another side of him that is not all too different from Mei Tin. What started as a simple prank turns into real romance and Mei Tin begins to worry about how things will turn out when Tai He eventually regains his memory…

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