The Lucky Stars

The Lucky Stars, ???????, Fu Lu Shou San Xing Bao Xi

Genre: Fantasy.
Date: 12 2005
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The Fu(?), Lu(?) and Shou(?) Stars, deities of Fortune, Prosperity and Longevity save the mortal realm from the beast ‘Nian’ and became popular throughout the realm. Their popularity, however evokes the jealousy of the other deities and the anger of the God of Plague, who owns the beast ‘Nian’. Their actions resulted in having the Jade Emperor strip the three stars of their deitic powers and banish them to be reborn in the mortal realm where they will have to complete three tasks before their 30th birthday before they can be allowed back. To protect the three, the fairy Ma Gu deguises herself as a constable and helps them out of various situations. * Christopher Lee as Fu Star, Mei Shouquan/??? * Bobby Au Yeung as Lu Star, Wei Delu/??? * Zhang Shi(??) as Shou Star, Wu Fuqi/??? * Fann Wong as Ma Gu, Ma Ruyi/??? * Niu Meng Meng as Princess Ruining/???? * Tang Yi Fei(???) as Yu Shuangxi/??? * Jeff Bao as Ouyang Xiaotian/???? * Xu Zheng(??) as Zhang Guolao * Yue Yue Li as Emperor * Kou Zhen Hai as Jade Emperor * Ning Jing(??) as Xi Wangmu * He Jing(??) as ?? * Zhang Zi Chen(???) as Peng Datou/??? * Cheng Long Kun(???) as Shi Yaoqian/??? * Li Jian Xun(???) as Chen Daqi/??? * Wang Yan Bin(???) as God of Plague/?? * Zhang Na(??) as Shishi/?? * Xu Ting Ting(???) as Feifei/?? * Xu Mei Ling(???) as Shouquan’s mother * Zhang Yan Bing(???) as Shouquan’s sister * Zhou Zhong He(???) as Zhao Cai/?? * Li De Qi(???) as Fuqi’s father * He Yang(??) as Yu Daxi/??? (Shuangxi’s sister) * Zhu Qi Lin(???) as Hong Ying/?? * Wang Peng(??) as Kitchen God/??

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