The Legendary Siblings II

The Legendary Siblings II, ????, Jue Shi Shuang Jiao, Proud Twins, Amazing Twins

Genre: Ancient, Swordplay.
Date: 2002
Episodes: 40
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: 20 years ago, the pugilist world has appeared a swordsman who is very highly skilled in martial arts and only interested to compete his skills with other swordsman. Four leaders of reputable sect had died under his sword. Both Xiao Yuer and Hua Wu Que who were by now invincible in martialarts decided to compete with him in order to restore peace. But both of them were later missing and the swordsman no longer appear. It was rumoured that both Xiao Yuer and Hua Wu Que had sacrificed their lives for the pugilist world, and had become a legend. At the same time, both their sons are still in the pugilist world, but it’s not known where they are. 20 years later…. Both sons have grown up, but what kind of person do they grow up to be? The brothers of the previous generation were enemies at first but ended up as brothers. This generation, will the 2 brothers follow their father’s footsteps becoming enemies or become good friends? Slowly, the truth will unveils. In Jiangnan, ‘Long Yang Zhen’ is tended by a gangster, Big Brother Yu. Big Brother Yu brought up a son, aged about 20 whom everyone called him Xiao Yu. As he’s brought up in a such a complicating environment, his personality is gangster-like and frivolous. He isn’t very skilled in martial arts but he is very intelligent and enjoys making fun of others. Even the people around him are afraid of him, and just like Jiang Xiao Yu of the past……. On a quiet and beautiful mountain, where few people live. The villagers lead a simple life, depending on firewoods and hunting for survival. Among lived a couple who brought up a son named Wu Ji. On the surface, Wu Ji is an ordinary woodcutter but he is actually well-trained in the arts of swords. Half a year ago, Wu Ji was clearing the house and found a manual. After reading it, he was totally obsessed with it. And would secretly learn it at night. Within just half a year, his skills had become remarkable. But peaceful life is short! A mysterious carnage has hit the village! When Wu Ji returned home after his training, he found his parents lying in the pools of blood. Wu Ji was distraught and picked up a jade believed to be left behind by the murderer, packed his luggage and hoping to avenge for his parents. But he doesn’t know that, this departure would change his whole life….. Wu Ji investigated in the town and found out that the jade belongs to Xiao Yu, wanting to kill him. This pair of youngsters who’ve never met but their first meeting would be killing each other. Is it coincidence? Is it fate? Or is it a joke played by heaven?

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