Steps, ????, Mo Dung Chuen Sing, Wu Dong Quan Cheng

Genre: Dancing.
Date: 09 2007
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Ballroom dancing emphasizes rhythm and mutual trust between the partners. If we can apply the same philosophy to our daily communication practices, we are likely to find ourselves in greater harmony and our lives will surely be enriched. Dance lover LEE SUM-YING (Bernice Liu) is going to audition for a place in the Hong Kong Dance Company. Before the audition starts, she bumps into her brother LEE LIK-KEUNG (Wayne Lai) and his colleague CHING KA-TSUN (Steven Ma) at a supermarket, where she is accidentally run over by TSUN’s trolley and hurts herself. Due to her leg injury, YING does not perform well in the audition and fails the assessment. At the invitation of TSUN’s mother, YING goes to teach Latin dance at a local community center, in the hope that she can save up enough money for further studies abroad. YING has a very warm personality and is well-liked by many of her students. Her popularity eventually lands her a teaching job at a dance workshop, which makes another dance tutor CHING KA-MAN (Fala Chen) incredibly jealous. MAN dislikes YING so much that she means to make things difficult for her in every possible way.

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