Revolving Doors Of Vengeance

Revolving Doors Of Vengeance, ????, Cau Dim Fung Wan, Jiu Dian Feng Yun

Date: 2005
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story befalls the family of Wong Yuk Ting (Lau Dan) who runs a five-star hotel chain and tells of how repaying a favour turns into seeking vengeance in a twisting story of honour and revenge. Wong Kai Kit (Ron Ng) is the youngest son of Wong Yuk Ting, but his two elder brothers are not the suitable heirs to the family’s wealth in the eyes of his father. Then Yuk Ting suddenly dies mysteriously and the business is strangely handed to a man named Ko Fung (Joe Ma) to head. He develops a romance with Bik Kei (Kenix Kwok), whom he meets in the hotel and becomes embroiled in a tangled power struggle with the family, including Kit’s uncle Wing Fat (John Chiang), where deceit and plots unfold around every twist and turn. Ko Fung saved the business for another purpose and because of this, him and Kai Kit were always at odds. Through their many arguments and conflicts, Kai Kit slowly matured… Joe Ma – Martin Kenix Kwok – Becky Ron Ng – Kit Ella Koon – Hoi Sam / Happy Elaine Yiu – Chloe John Chiang – Wing Fat Ellesmere Choi – Kai Yip Lau Dan – Wong Yuk Ting Raymond Cho – Benjamin Nancy Wu – Maria

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