My Date With A Vampire

My Date With A Vampire, Ngo Wo Geung Si Yao Goh Yeuk Wui, Wo He Jiang Shi You Ge Yue Hui, ????????, ????, I Have a Date with a Vampire

Genre: Romance, Supernatural.
Date: 1998
Episodes: 35
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In 1938, a team of Chinese guerillas led by Captain Fong Gwok Wah infiltrated a Japanese base. They intended to sabotage a Japanese military operation. Although they were discovered, the charges went off, causing a leak in a toxic weapons room that killed the father and superior officer of the then Lieutenant Yamamoto Katsuo. Just as Fong left, Yamamoto saw Fong’s face. It would be one he will remember for the rest of his life. An injured Fong escaped to Red Creek Village and was rescued by father of eight-year-old Ho Fok Sung. He was taken care of by Ah Sau, who he would later fell in love with. Slowly, Fong recoverd back to health. As soon as he was back on his feet, however, Ah Sau was seen running back to the village, alerting them of Japanese troops searching for a guerilla. Fook Sang took Fong to hide in the mountains. The villagers tried to cover up Fong’s trail as best as they can. Unfortunately, the soldiers discovered the burnt remains of Fong’s military disguise. Yamamoto ordered the entired village slaughtered in fury. He was about to execute Ah Sau when Fong returned to face him. At the same time the guerillas showed up and battled against the Japanese. Fong chased Yamamoto and they fought with swords, eventually falling into the Red Creek. The blood from their wounds diffused into the creek, fulfilling a legend for which the river was named after. When the king of vampires, Cheung Sun, who by legend hid in a nearby cave, came out to feast on human blood, the river will turn red: the more victims, the redder it would be. But in reality, it seems like it was the blood that drew Cheung Sun out. The two battled into the night. Fong was winning when a Japanese soldier turned up holding Fok Sung hostage. The soldier shot and badly injured Fok Sung despite Fong’s plea to not harm the child. He threw his blade at him and killed him, when the soldier had simultaneously wounded Fong with a shot. Yamamoto seized the opportunity to kill an unarmed Fong, just as Cheung Sun suddenly appeared out of nowhere, bit him, and pushed him off of a cliff. He then bit Fook Sang and Fong. The thirty-eighth descendant of the Ma Clan, Ma Dan Na, chased Cheung Sun away. By daybreak, Fok Sung and Fong had disappeared. Ma knew there were two more vampires on the loose, and commented to herself that the descendants of the Ma Clan will have a busy life… # Eric Wan as Fong Tin Yau ??? / Fong Kwok Wah ??? # Joey Meng as Ma Siu Ling ??? / Ma Dan Na ??? # Kristy Yang as Wong Jun Jun ??? / San Buen Suet ??? # Kenneth Chan as San Buen Yut Fu ???? # Chapman To as Gam Jing Chong ??? # Berg Ng as Tong Buen Chun Yu ???? (Ken)

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