My Date With A Vampire II

My Date With A Vampire II, Ngo Wo Geung Si Yao Goh Yeuk Wui, Wo He Jiang Shi You Ge Yue Hui, ????????, ????, I Have a Date with a Vampire

Genre: Myth, Romance.
Date: 1999
Episodes: 43
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Fong Kwok Wah is still a cop and is dating Kristy. The series began with Eric chasing some robbers. Kristy went to meet him and became the hostage, but Eric rescued her in time. Joey, on the other hand, took a part time job as a model since she needs to pay off all the debts on her credit cards. It turns out that all the models were vampires and they were looking for a gem called Angel?s Tear. Joey and her student, Chung, started to duel with the 7 models. Later, they find out that they were from England so they went to England and they started to learn about a vampire and his past. In this subplot we see that Tin Yau (played by Eric) was killed by the vampire. Fong Kwok Wah saw that his grandson died, and then he assumed Tin Yau?s identity since he didn?t want Tin Yau?s friends to be sad. They solved the case, returned back to HK, but noticed that Tin Yau had changed. * Joey Meng Yee Man as Ma Xiao-Ling * Eric Wan Tin Chiu as Kuang Tien-You / Fong Gwok Wah * Kenneth Chan as Szeto Fun-Yun * Kristy Yang as Wang Zhen Zhen * Simon Yam as the Vampire King Cheung Sun * Chapman To as Gum Jing Jong

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