Mars Vs Venus

Mars Vs Venus, ?????, Xing Fu Shuang Ren Chuang

Genre: Romance.
Date: 05 2007
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: How different are man from woman? Do they really hail from different planets? Steven (Tay Pinghui) & Wenjing (Huang Biren) They got married in a haste because Wenjing was pregnant. Lack of understanding for each other, they are constantly arguing. Though there was constant arguing, they managed to keep their marriage going for 8 years and they have 1 daughter and 1 son. Their marriage ends up in a divorce with the constant interference from Steven’s mother (Li Yin Zhu), who hopes to find a better wife for her son in his ex-girlfriend, Aimei (Le Yao). After knowing that Aimei is a bad woman who toys with men’s feelings, Steven decided to break up with Aimei once again and begs Wenjing for forgiveness and he hopes to go back to her. Will Wenjing forgive him? William (Pierre Png) & Ziling (Jesseca Liu) Happy newly-weds who turned unhappy all too soon when reality sets in. A stay-home wife, Ziling became bored eventually while William refuses to let her go to work. Carmen then gets jealous of ziling and decides to test their relationship by seducing william. Can their relationship withstand the test? Hanns (Cavin Soh) & Carmen (May Phua) Carmen had a cheating rich husband while Hanns’ wife eloped with another man while they were on honeymoon. Both has great distrust for the opposite sex and are often at loggerheads with each other. They unwittingly fell in love but can they ever trust each other? Li Yu Lian (Aileen Tan) & Ah Wu (Chen Tian Wen) 40 year old Yu Lian is the boss of a dessert shop, Yu Lian’s Dessert Shop while Ah Wu is a big boss of the Pavi brand shoe company. Yu Lian has only had a single time of love life in her whole life. As such, Yu Lian is always envious of women who have plenty of boyfriends around them. Little did she know that Ah Wu is a secret admirer of her…

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