Magic Chef

Magic Chef, ????? (?????), Huo Tou Zhi Duo Xing

Genre: Comedy, Cooking.
Date: 2005
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Three TV idols present themselves as great chefs! Magic Chef features Gallen Lo, Francis Ng, and Dicky Cheung as brothers who inherit their parents’ Wonton Noodles Restaurant. An ex-staff member establishes another restaurant just next to theirs to ruin the three brothers’ business. The trio then strives for their best to bring back the restaurant’s past glamour… Hilarious acting by Dicky Cheung is of course crucial to make this 30 episode TV serious amusing, but award-winning actor Francis Ng also exhibits his talents in comedy as well! Andy Hui, Boy’z, and Emme Wong all appear as a special guests.

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