Hero In Black

Hero In Black, Wo lai ye, Here I Come
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy.
Date: 2001
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This comedic period drama is about the tales and exploits of Nanxing Li, a loafer by day and a hero (in black) by night. Hongkong actor Bobby Au-yeung is the goofy but righteous magistrate, while his mother Pei-pei Cheng is a stern disciplinarian. But perhaps the greatest breakthrough is Fann Wong as a loud restaurant owner with a reputation for being fierce and shrewish. Fann Wong … Liu Feiyan Nanxing Li … Song Dou, Wo Lai Ye Bobbie Au-Yeung … Feng Pobu Pei-pei Cheng … Mother of Feng Pobu Maohui Deng … Emperor’s son Apple Hong … Liu Feiyu Vincent Ng … Fan Yuan

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