Hearts Of Fencing I

Hearts Of Fencing I, ?????????, Dong Sei Yip Cho Pong Seung Gim Jim See

Genre: Sports.
Date: 2003
Episodes: 11
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This series is based on college life, love, and one sport – fencing. The story starts off with Cheng Ka Lam (Race Wong and her aunt, Mei (Eileen Yeow), trying to put together a newspaper group with at least 5 people for the school magazine. Lam makes a bet with her aunt and ends up winning with 5 people joining: Man Man (Elaine Yiu), Ah Ching (Natalie Tong), who are Lam’s best friends, and two more girls, Dai Sik Mui (Renee Dai), and 13 Mui (Kelly Fu). These 5 girls work together to create the school’s magazines and soon becomes the best of friends. Four guys, Ah Yat (Chris Lai), Ah Lok (Don Li), Don (Eddie Lee, and Lung (Sam Chan), all had a rough start with each other. Ah Yat and Ah Lok are close brothers and their relationship is like most brothers, happiness, some bickering, but very little, and love. Don and Lung are friends ever since they were little, but is more of Don’s little sidekick. Lung is very loyal to Don. These two “”teams”” are rivals and disliked each other. Mr. Sword (Edmond Leung), their fencing teacher, knows about this, and tries his best to make the “”teams”” work together by testing them in different ways.

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