Handsome Siblings

Handsome Siblings, ???????, Xiao Yu Er Yu Hua Wu Que, Proud Twins, The Handsome Siblings, The Perfect Twins, The Invincible Duo

Genre: Ancient, Comedy, Swordplay.
Date: 2005
Episodes: 40
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Hua Wu Que was a twins of Xiao Yu Er but got separated. Ye Wha Goon Goon Ju,Yuao Yu and Lien Xing are twins. Hated all the mens in the world. Got cheated in love the twins are his lover’s kids. So she decided to make them kill each other 18 years later. She took Hua Mu Que and left Xiao Yu E to Yean Lam Tien.Making Yean Lam Tian thinking that his friend only have 1 baby. Yean Lam Tian that Oua Yien 6 did this so he carried his friends baby to revange but got tricked instead. making him lose his memory. The ou Yian 7 decided to teach all the pranks they knew making him the brattiset kid in the world. He set out to travel, got to a town and got his pupil Oua Ton Tien. Also meeting his twins brother who was working for Yeao Yu. Xiao yu yi and Tie Xin Lan went into the woods. Almost got killed by the trap gon The Hib set up but being beat up by Fa mu Que. Tit Xim Lan liked him after that. * Nicholas Tse as Fa Mu Que * Dicky Chueng as Xiao Yu E * Fan BingBing as Tit Xim Lan

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