Fairy Of The Chalice

Fairy Of The Chalice, ????, Ye Guang Shen Bei

Genre: Fantasy.
Date: 10 2006
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story begins with the Goddess Nuwa subduing and imprisoning an evil Centipede spirit. The Chalice fairy tasked to guard the centipede spirit however, was careless, the centipede spirit escaped. As punishment, the Chalice spirit was banished to the mortal realm where she will have to grant three wishes to any mortal who puts water into her chalice for a thousand times. * Roger Kwok as Zheng Feng/?? * Zhang Ting as the Chalice fairy/?? * Liu Tao as Xiu Xiu/?? * Johnny Chen as Tie Mu/?? * Christopher Lee as Cao Jing/?? * Zhao Zi Cun as Bao Bao/?? * Yvonne Lim as Zi Yun/?? * Darren Lim(???) as Qi Cheng/?? * Joelle Lu as Ling Zhi/?? * Yue Yue Li as Earth God/??? * Cui Bo as Yan Hong/?? * Wang Yan Bin(???) as Centipede spirit/???

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