Drunken Kung Fu

Drunken Kung Fu, ???
Date: 2004
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The origin of the legendary Drunken Fist is told in this grandiose martial arts epic. Dragon is an idealistic yound man who, by accident, was elected to be leader of the heaven And Earth Sect in its mission to assassinate the Ching Emperor. While carrying out his quest, Dragon learns the Drunken Fist from an ex-Shaolin monk, and uncovers the mystery behind the Sect and his father’s death. Filled with great fight sequences, Drunken Kung Fu is a stirring kung fu saga that will have you thirsty for more! Shao Yu (Nick Cheung) – son of Tian Di Hui’s former leader Long Ng Hung Mei (Anita Yuen) – Nick Cheung’s wife Lie Bing (Sun Li) – Chan Man Tat’s father Wan Qi Tai (Guo Liang) – son of a Manchurian prince Lie San Yang (Chan Man Tat) – Sun Li’s father and the drunken master

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