Devil’s Disciples

Devil’s Disciples, ?? / ??, Keong Gim / Qiang Jian

Genre: Action, Fantasy.
Date: 2007
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The Sacred Sword Sect, the most prestigious kung-fu cult in the martial world, would like to recruit students into a course on the long-lost “”Big Dipper Array””. The fresh-faced Shing Fung (Bosco Wong) and the aloof-looking King Lui (Kevin Cheng) are both admitted to the Sect. In the meantime, the vicious Bloody Shadow Sect, which was once destroyed, comes to life again. The newly appointed leader Mok Man (Sharon Chan), along with her disciples, suddenly comes to attack the Sacred Sword Sect. Fung is seriously injured, but with the help of Shui Ling (Shirley Yeung), who is a good friend of his and a member of the Unity Clan, he manages to survive. Fung makes a notable progress with his kung-fu skills after his recovery. The leader of the Scared Sword Sect Pak Tong Ngo (Eddie Ko), also known as the Saint of Sword, thinks highly of Fung and is going to marry off his daughter Pak Tong Chi-Lung (Bernice Liu) to the lad. Just before the wedding, Fung is found to be Man’s twin brother – the heir to an atrocious kung-fu cult. Fung has been an ardent admirer of the Sacred Sword Sect but the disclosure of his true identity has pushed him into a dilemma between righteousness and evil. And Lui, who has a love-hate relationship with Man, also gets caught up in a painful struggle… * Bosco Wong as Shing Fung / Sima Fung * Kevin Cheng as King Lui * Bernice Liu as Pak Tong Chi-Lung * Sharon Chan as Mok Man/ Sima Shuet * Shirley Yeung as Shui Ling * Wayne Lai as Dong Fong Mou Ngai * Johnson Lee as Shing Goong * Eddie Ko as Pak Tong Ngo * Patricia Liu * Chan Hoi Yee * Lee Kwok Lun * Michael Miu as Fei Sing (cameo) * Anne Heung as Gu Yuet (cameo)

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