Blade Heart

Blade Heart, ????, ????, Huert Tzin Heen Yeun, Xie Jian Xuan Yuan

Genre: Ancient, Swordplay.
Date: 2004
Episodes: 37
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: During Ming Dynasty Ka-ching time, the weapons industry has the Tong and Si-Ma Families as its outstanding leaders. Tong Family doesn’t have any son but a daughter called Tong Bik who married a man called Shum An, a potential young man of Mo-Don sect into the family. The elders of Tong Family consider Shum An to lead the family into a better tomorrow and people in the martial art world have high regards on Shum An too. Also, The Tong Family is rumored to possess the technique of making an ancient weapon “”Fire Crow””, which makes them even more valuable in the industry. Shum An’s “”Si-Di””(younger brother under the same master) Si-Ma Yi also possesses the same talent in martial art just as his elder brother Shum An but Si-ma yi is the biological younger brother of Shum An’s business competitor Si-Ma Shun. A reserved man like Si-Ma Yi knows that he has to fight against Shum An somehow due to each family’s interest, but both Shum An and Si-Ma Yi’s friendship is so close that it’s tightly bond like steel. A new selection process begins, Si-Ma Shun utilizes Si-ma Yi’s friendship with Shum An and Tong Bik to give a sword to Shum An couple as gift, and provoking a person to initiate a fight with Shum An later on. Shum An uses the sword that Si-ma Shun gave him to fight with his opponent and injuries him, and that’s when Shum An realizes there’s poison on the sword. Thus Shum An is being charged for murder innocently, the elders of Tong Family run around trying to bribe officials to set Shum An free but bribing is not sucessful. Si-Ma Yi finally realizes he is used and lied by his biological older brother at the beheaded stage, but he is too soft-hearted to tell on his brother, so he runs away from mainland China. As soon as Shum An dies, the Tong elders also die, The Tong Family collaspes from then on. On the other hand, Tong Bik gives birth to a son, but she left his son to someone to take care of while she remarries to Wong Hup, the owner of a guarding-transport agency, awaiting for an opportunity to retaliate on the Si-ma Family for everything she lost…….. 23 years later, Si-Ma Family has been powerful in the royal court for some years since the annihilation of the Tong Family, and they are not afraid of Tong Family’s only daughter who is powerless coming after them for revenge. At this time, the owner of the guarding-transport agency deceases, causing everyone of that family fighting for the breadwinner position, but Tong Bik wins as the breadwinner in the end. As a result, Tong Bik rebuilds Tong Family with the asset of the guarding-transport agency as its backup force swearing to contend with the Si-Ma Family. Meanwhile, the royal palace is still led by one of the renown official Cheung Kui-ching so everything within in the court is still virtuous. However, East Factory leader Cheung Shing(a eunuch) secretly coordinates his own team together to set against Cheung Kui-ching’s power, and who would have thought nowaday’s East Factory’s most popular henchman used to be Mo-Don sect Swordsman Shum An who should have been dead at that beheaded stage long ago. Concurrently, another person from the past reappears in Tin-Shun House who happens to be Si-Ma Yi. The two of them acquaint each other and so revenge is about to start. Due to a Prestigious General Chik Gei-Kwong managing the Human Resources Dept. of the army, a strong country and army, fraud and extortion, and corruption all become a crux of struggle between officials in the royal court. Si-Ma Shun turns towards East Factory’s power for support and Shum An accepts his duty to look after Si-ma Shun but he often violates his duty to advise Tong Bik. Yet, Tong Bik thinks Shum An is one of the evil official of the royal court so she doesn’t care to associate with him, and shum An can only endure this poignant treatment. Simultaneously, Shum An finds out from Si-Ma Shun that Si-Ma Yi did not put poison on his sword in that competition incident, so Shum An realizes he has wrongfully accused his good friend all these years. Meanwhile, Si-Ma Yi rescues Chik Gei-Kwong and offends East Factory, thus Shum An is suppose to arrest Si-Ma Yi to give Cheung Shing an explanation. In the end, Si-ma Shun’s head is used to replace Si-ma Yi’s head, and Si-ma Yi’s life thus saved. Cheung Kui-Ching dies so Chik Gei-Kwong loses his power in the royal court while East Factory has all the advantage. Cheung Shing directs his attention to the Tong Family, compelling Tong Bik to disclose the secret of “”Fire Crow””. In order to save his beloved wife, Shum An brazenly opposes Cheung Shing. For honor and country’s benefit, Shum An, Tong Bik and Si-Ma Yi appease with one another, joining together to combat evil forces. In the end, all conspiracies and evil are destroyed by honor and benevolence. Heroes’ blood spill and the world becomes a lovable place. Adam Cheng – Ling Fung/Yu Man Fung Liza Wang – Tong Bik/Wong Fu Yan Raymond Lam – Mang Lui Shirley Yeung – Wong Yee Mimi Lo – Chun Wai Yeung Suet – Sima Ping Ting Carlo Ng – Sima Siu Yiu Gregory Lee – Ho Fei Lo Hoi Pang – Fung Bo/ Fung Gong Gong Olivia Fu – Chun Mui Wong Shu Kei – Lau Sin Leung Zhang Heng Chan Hung Lit Yu Yeung

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