At Home With Love

At Home With Love, ?????, Lau Zyu Jau Cing Jan, Lou Zhu You Qing Ren

Genre: Romance.
Date: 10 2006
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This story revolves around a father (Chung Bong) and son (Chi Leung) small business real estate agency. Chung Bong starts off as the narator, giving the viewers a brief insight into the booming property market from the late 80s to the 97 Asian Crisis till present day. Chung Bong, now 60 years old, officially retired from the Sing Sat Real Estate Agency and has handed over the family business to his son, Chi Leung. Regrettably, he sees his son shadowing his footsteps, choosing business over taking care of his personal affairs such as starting a family and taking care of his health. Aggressiveness is an ingrained character in Chi Leung. Ever since kindergarten, he does not take no for an answer. Being that as an agent has its pros and cons. The only thing Chung Bong can do is silently support him from behind. This show entertains the audience with some of the sales tactics agents use just to get a piece of that commission. Having been known around the Sheung Wan neighborhood for generations, they know a lot of old folks with old money but giant corporate real estate agencies are now trying to invade into this undisturbed territory just to get a piece of icing out of the cake. Differences in their philosophical and management ideals will be put to test to see if this small business can survive. Chun King Fei (???) as Chung Bong/??(??) Lawrence Ng (???) as Chung Chi Leung/???(??) Yoyo Mung as Tsui Ji Ling(Elaine)/??? Lam Yi Kei (???) as /??(?) Raymond Cho as Henry/??? Nancy Wu as Cindy/??? Halina Tam as Joey/??? Hui Siu Hung as /??(???) Carlo Ng as David/??? Natalie Tong as Yuki/??? Charles Szeto as /??? Choi Hong Nin (???) as /???(??)

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