Always On My Mind

Always On My Mind, Wu Yan De Ai
Date: 2003
Episodes: Unknown
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A touching and inspiring drama to honour medical heroes who put themselves at risk, and the trauma that the SARS virus brought to Singapore. Dr Guan Sijia (Fann Wong) is a brilliant lung tumour specialist. Pretty and possessing a pleasant disposition, she naturally has many suitors. But she remains dispassionate towards them, for deep in her heart, she is unable to forget her doctor boyfriend Tang Xinyang (Christopher Lee), who died in a traffic accident. Before the accident, Xinyang had called Sijia from overseas to say that he has just bought their engagement rings. Sijia had gently berated him for spoiling the surprise. ?I?m afraid I won?t have the chance to tell you,? he had replied. Since his death, Sijia has always appeared calm and composed, but inwardly, she is crippled with agony and yearning. Besides looking after Xinyang?s mother and his autistic younger brother Xinhai (Nick Shen), she puts all her energy into her work. Working together with Sijia in the hospital are Dr Li Xiaohu, also affectionately called Dr Tiger (Tay Ping Hui), a charming and optimistic person who gets along superbly with everyone in the hospital. His mentor, Dr Liu Zhengyu (Huang Wenyong), is the director of the Communicable Diseases Centre, whose wife Wang Wei (Xiang Yun), is an epidemiologist. The turning point came when 2 female patients, May and Xiuming, who have just returned from Hong Kong, are admitted to the hospital. Unknown to everyone, the two carry the deadly SARS virus. Sijia, Xiaohu and their colleagues, which include an internship doctor Xiao Liao (Zhang Yaodong), nurses Xiaoyun (Le Yao), Michelle (Felicia Chin), Daisy, Irene and Zhihao, thus begin their days of ?war?. Sacrificing time spent with their family, and risking the danger of contracting SARS, the brave medical heroes battle hardship and discrimination from some members of the public. Although they are mentally and physically worn-out, their fighting spirit is unfaltering. Amidst this difficult time grows love. Xiao Liao is secretly in love with Sijia, but the young lad is too shy to express his feelings. On the other hand, Xiaoyun is interested in him. She takes the initiative to show her concern for him, but before her love has a chance to blossom, tragedy strikes. Xiaohu and Sijia develop a strong friendship while on the frontline of defence against the disease. After witnessing the fall of many colleagues to the disease, Xiaohu realises the fragility of life, and thus openly expresses his love for Sijia. Although Sijia appreciates Xiaohu for his feelings and efforts towards her, she is adamant about remaining loyal to the dead Xinyang. But soon, just when she realises that she has subconsciously fallen in love with Xiaohu, Sijia develops a high fever and is diagnosed with SARS. Will Sijia and Xiaohu have a happily-ever-after ending, or will Xiaohu be subjected to the same devastation of losing a loved one? Fann Wong, Tay Ping Hui, Christopher Lee, Xiang Yun, Huang Wenyong, Felicia Chin, Zhang Yaodong, Le Yao, Allen Wu, Ivy Lee and Nick Shen

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