Young And Dangerous V

Young And Dangerous V, 98 Wise Guys: Dragon Struggle Tiger Fight, 98 gu huo zai zhi long zheng hu dou
Genre: Action.
Date: 1998
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Chan Nam Ho is encouraged by Mr. Chiang to go into legal business and to leave the illegal Triad activities behind. Meanwhile in Hong Kong there is a new Sung Ting Triad branch leader (Szeto Nam Ho) that moves into the Causeway bay, he promises Nam Ho he will put him out of business. All the illegal activity attracts the attention of the anti Triad bureau, officer Lee makes a deal with Brother Nam to help him as long as he does nothing illegal. With the help of Mr. Chiang, Brother Nam is introduced to many new business contacts. He ends up going into a cruise ship venture in which he will be a partner but Nam soon realizes that Szeto is also a partner in the business. Brother Nam must now walk the tin line between the legal business world and Triad affairs while both the police and Sung Ting Triad watch him. Based on Kau Man’s graphic comic ‘Teddy Boy’ book series Ekin Cheng – Chan Ho-Nam Qi Shu – Mei Ling Kar Lok Chin – Big Head Mark Cheng – Szeto Ho-Nam Paul Chun – Datuk Chan Ka-Nam Jerry Lamb – Pou-pan Jason Chu – Banana Skin Sandra Ng Kwan Yue – Sister 13 Alex Man – Chiang Tin-yeung Anthony Wong Chau-Sang – Tai Fei Danny Lee – Inspector Lee

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