Young And Dangerous III,

Young And Dangerous III,
Genre: Action.
Date: 1996
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”I can’t believe how tough the kids are now.”” Things begin to settle down a bit for the Causeway Bay boys as life returns to “”normal”” after the clash with the Taiwanese gang in Y&D II. Ho Nam tries to nurse the injured Smartie back to health, and Chicken finds a new love interest in the form of the priest’s trash-talking daughter. The peace is shattered when, yet again, another rival steps up to try to take Ho Nam down, setting Nam up for the murder of the president of Hung Hing during a trip to Amsterdam. Once again, Ho Nam must fight to protect his name and his brothers. Based on Kau Man’s graphic comic ‘Teddy Boy’ book series Ekin Cheng – Chan Ho-Nam Jordan Chan – Chicken Chiu Gigi Lai – Smartie Karen Mok – Shuk-Fan Jerry Lamb – Pou-Pan Michael Tse – Dai Tin-Yee Roy Cheung – Crow Ng Chi Hung – Tiger Spencer Lam – Father Lam Anthony Wong Chau-Sang – Tai Fei Simon Yam – Chiang Tin-Sung

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