Young And Dangerous I

Young And Dangerous I, Gu Huo Zi Zhi Ren Zai Jiang Hu, Goo Waak Chai Ji Yan Joi Kong Woo

Genre: Action.
Date: 1996
Parts: 3
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”A triad is prepared for jail or Hell.”” Welcome to the jungle. Rising through the ranks with the stealth of cruise missiles, Chan Ho Nam, and schoolyard friends “”Chicken”” Chui, Pau-pan and Yee, become formidable players within the notorious Hung Hing Society triad. Under the fatherly guidance of Uncle B and the watchful eye of society head Chiang, Chan Ho Nam and his close-knitted entourage flourish. But a failed assassination attempt in Macau leaves Chan alienated; Chicken a fugitive on the run in Taiwan, and Ugly Kwan, the prime candidate to take over the leadership. But defeat is one thing these guys won’t take lying down. A deadly counter-plan hatched, Chan steers headlong into a deadly face-off with his nemesis of the past ten years, the vicious and brutal Ugly Kwan. Based on Kau Man’s graphic comic books. Ekin Cheng – Chan Ho Nam Jordan Chan – ‘Chicken’ Chiu Michael Tse – Dai Tin Lee Jerry Lamb – Pou Pan Gigi Lai – Smartie Francis Ng – Ugly Kwan Jason Chu – Chow Pan Ng Chi Hung – Uncle B Shing Fui On – Brother Saur Simon Yam – Chiang Joe Cheng – Ba-Bai

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