Genre: Action.
Date: 2004
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Chu Yan Ping rewrote the famous movie ?Qi Pi Lang? (Seven Wolves) into the present movie ?Wolf?, and Jimmy Li changes his image to be an assassin. Mainland websites advertised the movie with the line ?Jimmy has grown a moustache!!!?. With this as a selling point, this shows people still felt that Jimmy has not grown up. With regard to his baby face, Jimmy does not mind anymore, because as he gets older, the more people admires him. To film ?Wolf?, Jimmy endured late nights to get a face full of pimples. However, after resting for 3 days at the end of filming, his face regained its smoothness, making many ladies envious. Chu Yan Ping says ?Wolf? is like a mafia film. Jimmy and Ambrose have a lot of gun-fight scenes in modern settings like Taipei 101. An Ya acts as Ambrose?s girlfriend, and both of them are bad at Mandarin. There was a scene where both used English to quarrel, and they had a lot of fun. However in the end, Chu had that scene dubbed in Mandarin, because he could not figure out what they were quarreling about.

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