Wild Zero

Wild Zero, WildZero
Genre: Romance, SciFi.
Date: 2000
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”ROCK ‘N ROLL!!!”” After attending a concert by Guitar Wolf, the band he idolises, wannabe rock ‘n’ roller Ace inadvertently rescues the band when they find themselves held at gunpoint by the venue manager. In return for the favour, Guitar Wolf make Ace their blood brother and give him a special whistle with instructions to blow it if he ever needs their help. Help is needed sooner than might reasonably have been expected when shortly after meeting Tobio, the possible girl of his dreams, Ace finds himself surrounded by the living dead who have risen from the grave to feast on the living in time-honoured fashion. Soon Guitar Wolf arrive on the scene and they, Ace, Tobio and a local arms dealer called Yamazaki join forces to battle the zombie army and the invading fleet of UFOs that raised it. Masashi End? – Ace Guitar Wolf (Sejii)- Himself Drum Wolf (Toru) – Himself Bass Wolf (Billy) – Himself (R.I.P.) Kwancharu Shitichai – Tobio Makoto Inamiya – Captain Haruka Nakajo – Yamazaki Shir? Namiki – Kondo Taneko – Hanako Yoshiyuki Morishita – Toshi

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