When Romance Meets Destiny

When Romance Meets Destiny, Gwangsigi Dongsaeng Gwangtae
Genre: Romance.
Parts: 1
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Gwang-sik can’t always confess his love for his lover and hides when a rival appears. He runs a photo studio and can’t forget Yoon-gyeong, his unrequited love whom he met seven years ago, while at university and couldn’t reveal his love for her. One day, he meets her again at his friend Myeong-chan’s wedding ceremony and loses his head when she remembers his name and his class vividly. She just goes saying that if she’s in the mood, she’ll visit his photo studio. His heart begins to go pit-a-pat. Gwang-tae, who is 7 years younger than Gwang-sik, has met 70 times as many girl friend as his elder brother. He’s the playboy and has his own dating policies—“”don’t sleep with a woman more than 12 times,”” “”when sleeping with a woman, don’t reveal your innermost feelings,”” and “”don’t play with a woman who he knows.”” He sticks to his own free style about life and love. Intending to meet a slender woman, he participates in the marathon race and he falls for the sexy Gyeong-jae there. A few days later, he meets her again and begins a hot and cool love affair with her. He is tormented by his policy that he should break up with her before sleeping with her a 12th time, but Gyeong-jae first bids farewell. Though he should be happy about her farewell, his feelings about her are unusually serious. Kim Ju-hyeok Bong Tae-gyu Lee Yo-won Kim A-jung

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