We Are Family,

We Are Family,
Genre: Comedy, Family.
Date: 2006
Parts: 3
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Alan Tam plays as many as four roles in the film, from a guy always in baseball cap to a man resembling the legendary Wong Fei Hung, a sloppy middle-aged man with a big belly, and even an eighty-year-old lady! Hacken Lee is an up-and-coming office manager named Kit who is about to marry his flight attendant girlfriend (Hu Jing from Drink Drank Drunk). However, her family members – all played by Alan Tam – are pretty strict when it comes to choosing the right husband for her! Though having a successful career, Kit may not be just as great when he deals with his future in-laws. They set up a lot of challenges for him, mostly related to Chinese medicine where the family members’ expertise lies. Alan Tam and Hacken Lee extend their comedian talent at live shows to the silver screen, by presenting plenty of hilarious jokes. Alan Tam Wing Lun Hacken Lee Hak Kan Hu Jing Joey Leung Wing Chung Law Koon Lan Bennett Pang Kin Sang Clifton Ko Chi Sum Samuel Chan Kin Fung Ng Hui Jeff Wang Patricia Mok Michelle Tay Abigail Chay

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