War Of The Goblins

War Of The Goblins, Y?kai daisens? / Youkai Daisensou, The Great Yokai War, Hobgoblins & the Great War, Spook Warfare, The Goblin War, War of the Goblins
Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural.
Date: 2005
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: “”Horror! A war is coming!”” Tadashi, an isolated unhappy youngster, has moved to the country after his parents’ divorce to stay with his mother and increasingly senile grandfather. Bullied by the local kids, he’s seriously unhappy. However at a local festival, he’s mysteriously picked to become the next ‘Kirin Rider’. That doesn’t cheer him up either. But he soon discovers that the responsibility of the Kirin Rider is all too real because he has to deal with a great war on its way, no thanks to an evil sorcerer. Summoning the rage of all the gadgets and machines discarded by humanity, the villainous Katou and his sidekick Agi (the one with an impressive blonde beehive) are splicing creatures (known as Yokai) together with electronic devices to create deadly monsters. It’s up to Tadashi to – with the aid of other Yokai – stop them before Tokyo is reduced to a smouldering ruin. Based on Japanese fantasy author Hiroshi Aramata’s novel. Ryuunosuke Kamiki – Tadashi Ino Hiroyuki Miyasako – Sata, the Reporter Chiaki Kuriyama – Agi, the Bird-Catching Sprite Bunta Sugawara – Shuntaro Ino Kaho Minami – Youko Ino Etsushi Toyokawa – Tasunori Kato Kiyoshiro Imawano – General Nurarihyon Mai Takahashi – Kawahime, the River Princess Masaomi Kondo – Shojo, the Kirin Herald Sadawo Abe – Kawataro, the River Sprite Takashi Okamura – Azuki-Bean Washer Naoto Takenaka – Lamp-Oil

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