University Of Laughs

University Of Laughs, Warai no Daigaku, ????

Genre: Comedy.
Date: 2004
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Based on a play by Mitani Koki. Set in 1940, a young playwright, Tsubaki Hajime comes up against a government censor, Sakisaka Mutsuo. The censor’s job is to prevent anything political or taboo from getting into the pre-war media, but THIS censor has a thing against comedy, too. Tsubaki comes to have his script checked by the censors before rehearsals begin. But the censor, who is looking for an excuse to shut down the comedy troupe at which Tsubaki works, tells him that his whole play sucks and Tsubaki would have to rewrite it completely before Sakisaka would let it be performed. But what starts as cruel teasing makes the once poor-quality play better and better as Tsubaki returns day after day to have it torn to shreds and criticized over and over again. Finally the play is perfected and Sakisaka’s dislike of Tsubaki turns into respect for his talent. K?ji Yakusho … Mutsuo Sakisaka Goro Inagaki … Hajime Tsubaki Tae Kimura Masao Komatsu Masaya Takahashi

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