Genre: Action, Crime.
Date: 2007
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Hardboiled, hard-drinking, and hard-hitting female detective Yukihira Natsumi (Ryoko Shinohara) has the best record in the police force, but it has come at a cost. Her fiercely independent personality and penchant to not go by the books has alienated her from colleagues, while her dedication, or perhaps obsession, with work has already cost her a marriage and custody of her eight-year-old daughter. Natsumi has no time for apologies and misgivings though when there is crime to be fought. She is forced to reconsider everything she knows, however, when terrorists take over the hospital her daughter is being treated at. How far will she go to save her daughter? Ryoko Shinohara Kippei Shiina Hiroki Narimiya Sadao Abe Mari Hamada Rosa Kato Mion Mukaichi Masaya Kato Ren Osugi Susumu Terajima Yosuke Eguchi

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